Runner’s High- The ultimate dream of every runner.

Runner’s high is a body’s natural adjustment for releasing necessary chemicals so that one does not get tired and keeps running for long durations. This is the simplest definition I could give. For the running geek, please go into all the technicalities and neuro- biological effects on the body here. To simplify, runners high isContinue reading “Runner’s High- The ultimate dream of every runner.”

Proof of Life Concept.. Before and After Picture…

I had deliberately not kept any picture of mine as I thought it was too early to post any picture, pre and post running. But, there were quite a lot of requests from friends to share the same so that actually I had actually lost body fat. Proof that this way/method works. I call myContinue reading “Proof of Life Concept.. Before and After Picture…”

Demystifying Cadence for the Beginner

When I started running regularly say for the past one year, I was amazed at the kenyan and ethiopian runners who are the epitome of stamina and endurance in the runners world. I came across the term cadence for the first time, when i was reading articles about long distance running over the net. CadenceContinue reading “Demystifying Cadence for the Beginner”

All fat is not bad fat..

There is a strong misconception that fat is bad, which is incorrect. Excess fat is bad. In my first post where I had putforth the philosophy behind sculpt fat, I had clearly targeted two types of excess body fat, viz, visceral fat and sub cutaneous fat. The problem with the modern age is that weContinue reading “All fat is not bad fat..”

My 10 K run after a long break…

The rain gods were less perturbed in the last few days and the weather was bearable thanks to the few showers in the city. The temperature fell seven notches down to a comfortable 35 degrees. The mornings are cool and I had already prepped by gear the previous night. The following is my gear forContinue reading “My 10 K run after a long break…”

VO2 Max and Gradual Fat Loss

Vo2 Max is the measure of maximum oxygen intake by the body during active exercise. The term stands for Volume of Oxygen Max. There is thought process that this is primarily a prerequisite for endurance athletes. I feel that anyone who is having excess fat in his/her abdominal cavity, which is called visceral fat shouldContinue reading “VO2 Max and Gradual Fat Loss”

The Philosophy behind Sculpt Fat

I was inspired by Christopher McDougall’s book “Born to Run” which I read couple of years back. This had gelled with the ” Running and Living” concept by Mr Robert Varghese Though, I had a back issue which I sustained due to a two wheeler incident ten years back, I was active in sports.Continue reading “The Philosophy behind Sculpt Fat”