Living with Piriformis Syndrome

Hi friends. I hope this post finds yourself and family safe. I have been off workout for sometime now, gained few pounds too !!!. I have got a doberman pup called Colonel, who keeps me busy all day and I have three kittens shadow, ninja and samurai and two big cats ginger and panther. So,Continue reading “Living with Piriformis Syndrome”

Secret to The Fastest Way to burn Fat !!!

I did join a facebook group which is for weight loss. I thought that I could contribute meaningfully, share the secret there for weight loss out of my own experience. Turned out to be a marketing/merchandising hub for products. Like get rich scheme overnight !!!! I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, thatContinue reading “Secret to The Fastest Way to burn Fat !!!”

How to lose persistent belly fat in a month.

Hi friends, Happy Independence day to all the readers from India !!! I am hopeful that all your near and dear ones are safe and sound. As things are getting back to “new normal”. I want to share some tips with you to lose that persistent belly fat and ways melt that persistent issue. IContinue reading “How to lose persistent belly fat in a month.”

How to practice Active Ageing.

Active ageing – The discourse till now: Active ageing as a concept is in vogue for some time. Organizations like WHO and European commission have published studies. The scope of this concept is very vast. For the time being, we shall understand the concept bit deeper. Once you hit forty, you feel that the bodyContinue reading “How to practice Active Ageing.”

Discipline and Passion for Fitness

Friends, Over the years, I had found that there is a relationship between fitness and discipline. I used to play badminton almost daily for the past four years. It was like a ritual. After dropping the boy in the school bus, I used to rush back to take my kits to the court. In theContinue reading “Discipline and Passion for Fitness”

Injury Management and Weight Loss

During the process of running, if we make some mistakes we might get injured. I want to list out some common injuries and solutions so that injuries do not come in the way of your fitness journey. The first and most common injury when one runs is cramping. Cramping is when the body fluids areContinue reading “Injury Management and Weight Loss”

Super Dan ..the G.O.A.T in Badminton retires.. An insurmountable loss for his fans….

It has been twenty long years of watching Lin Dan play, and the day has come for him to hang his boots. Honestly I could see his power waning, due to age. But he was still tricky and deceptive which he had made changes from his fast paced attacking game. His rivalry with Malaysian greatContinue reading “Super Dan ..the G.O.A.T in Badminton retires.. An insurmountable loss for his fans….”

Yoga stretch and Core Strengthening

The three important parts of the body once you cross the age of 40 are the legs, back and the abdomen. These parts of the body remain idle during our work years and from 25 to 40 and beyond primarily due to sitting.With COVID around, our sitting time has extended much beyond our standard hoursContinue reading “Yoga stretch and Core Strengthening”

My 5kg weight loss calculation spanning next 6 months

Hi friends, I hope that all of you are safe and sound wherever you are. I would like to share a small insight with you on my projected weight loss for the next six months based on my present activity. I am sure that most of you would be having some sort of fitness trackerContinue reading “My 5kg weight loss calculation spanning next 6 months”

Weight Gain during lockdown ? – Are u pinch,grab or hold level?

I am sure most of us have gained some weight in this lockdown. Though most of us might not have a weighing scale at home. Our dresses are our greatest indicator, that we are overgrowing our dresses and cursing our dresses that, it has become very tight !!! I have developed a pretty simple criteria,Continue reading “Weight Gain during lockdown ? – Are u pinch,grab or hold level?”