Secret to The Fastest Way to burn Fat !!!

I did join a facebook group which is for weight loss. I thought that I could contribute meaningfully, share the secret there for weight loss out of my own experience. Turned out to be a marketing/merchandising hub for products. Like get rich scheme overnight !!!!

I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, that both fat loss and fat gain is a normal and natural process. If we use any short cuts for the same, we could be in harms way.

Out of my own experience of both fat loss and fat gain. I highly recommend slow long runs. You burn more calories than walking and it is not that difficult either. Starting to run slowly is difficult. Once you have started, there is no looking back in your fitness journey. There is a modern term called in the realm of professional athletics, called as marathon. Take a look at the picture below :

When we take a look at the picture, we see that most of the people are lean. It is because, running is the best and complete exercise and so is swimming. Because of Covid related issues, all of us are taking it safe. If you have a treadmill at home, I would suggest you to start slow, and steady. I have posted a schedule in one of my earlier posts for easy reference and follow up.

The people who are on top of the marathon game are Kenyans and Ethiopians. I want you guys to take a look at their diet secret in this link Their meal primarily is corn meal, vegetables and milk tea. They do not take junk food. Strict NO NO !!!

So, if you want to blast past the persistence belly fat which is troubling you, you better change the way you eat and exercise. These simple behavioral changes could mean a lot to you and your family. Everytime you get a thought to go for the burger,pack of chips or an aerated/fizzy drink, hold that thought for 10 seconds and see that thought is good or bad for the body.

Normally, when we binge, we are carried away by these emotions and we do not hold it for 10 seconds. Once we hold it for 10 seconds, we can replace it with either water or a fruit snack. Snack anything that is natural and non-processed food.

As I mentioned earlier, take it slow but be regular. Watch your diet and exercise regime very closely and monitor data. Keep log data of how and when you exercise on g drive ( my fav !!) and keep on eye and mind on what you what you eat. Drink plenty of water.

Do keep me posted on how you managed your cravings for junk food !!! That would be very challenging and interesting fighting the demons from inside you !!!

I hope you stay safe, take all precautions during these times and hopefully our scientific fraternity would bring some good news about the vaccine soon !!!

Published by kabilan arasu

I am a career civil servant, presently working with NITI Aayog, Govt of India. Love long distance running, badminton, cricket and yoga. A fitness enthusiast is the right word...Persuading my inner self to stay away from delicacies....

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