How to lose persistent belly fat in a month.

Hi friends, Happy Independence day to all the readers from India !!!

I am hopeful that all your near and dear ones are safe and sound. As things are getting back to “new normal”. I want to share some tips with you to lose that persistent belly fat and ways melt that persistent issue.

I have observed my body over a period of time. Especially when I run, the belly moves up and down. This movement helps in burning the subcutaneous fat closer to our skin. I urge you to try slow running in the park or an open area nearby.

I prefer early morning, say around 6 am when there are very less people around and since your body is in motion there is less chance of getting any infection. I find it very difficult to run with a mask in parks, so I run on roads. But, I want you all to stay safe, so better wear your masks when there are people around.

Drink enough fluids. Do carry a small water bottle in your hand or get a water pouch which you can tie it around your waist.

Below is the monthly schedule I am attaching for you to follow:

Weeks One to Four :

Jog 30 mins with 5 songs on your device. Walk one min after every song.Then jog again. – 5 kmYoga for 20 minutes and walk – 20 mins – 3 kmJog 30 mins with 5 songs on your device. Walk one min after every song.Then jog againRestJog 30 mins with 5 songs on your device. Walk one min after every song.Then jog againYoga for 20 minutes and walk – 20 mins – 3 kmRest
Week -1 -4

I would urge that during these four weeks to abstain from fried food items to the minimum. No chips or carbonated drinks. Do eat lots of fruits and plenty of water.

Measure your weight on a weighing scale. Take a measuring tape and run the tape from behind to your navel as mentioned in the picture above. Do write these measurements down.

Pro -Tip:

I am sharing a life -hack with you. Drink Iskiate , one hour before your run and even as a post work out drink. For those who watched Kung-Fu Panda, this is the “Secret ingredient”. I have been vastly benefited by this drink and I am sure that you would vouch for it after your runs !!!!

Another way of framing a reference point is, who do you idealize your body to be like. Ideally, as per your body height and weight, it can be a sportsperson or celebrity who you like or follow. In my case, the people I follow are badminton super stars Lin Dan of China, Kento Momota and AS Ginting of Indonesia.

Of the three, Momota comes closest as far as physical similarity is concerned. This is Kento Momota wiki page. His height is similar to mine. But his weight is far better than mine. I weigh 74 kgs as of today. His weight is 68 kgs. So my target weight is 68 kg.

Though, I might sound a bit outrageous on trying to mimic the No 1 player right now, but you need to set the bar very high in the process of weight loss. Until you do not have a frame of reference in your weight loss journey, you might get back to old ways of junk food, aerated drinks and laziness.

The only way to reducing pot belly is gradual and slow work outs. Following simple and natural food. Eat less and less processed food. Drink plenty of water. Sleeping adequately and gradual reducing of junk food, alcohol and cigarettes.

I know, it is a very tough ask and a tough task, But, once you look at yourself at the mirror, you feel that its not the same person ten years back. You have caused this damage for yourself,and only you can reclaim your true body which is waiting, rather hiding inside those sheets of fat to be visible to the whole world.

I shall be with you in this journey, all through. Feel free to ask any question/query you feel. I shall be glad to help. I want to see slow and gradual progress towards your ideal body weight.

Let us all achieve freedom from excess fat and flab this independence day!!!!

Best Wishes !!!!

Published by kabilan arasu

I am a career civil servant, presently working with NITI Aayog, Govt of India. Love long distance running, badminton, cricket and yoga. A fitness enthusiast is the right word...Persuading my inner self to stay away from delicacies....

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