Discipline and Passion for Fitness

Friends, Over the years, I had found that there is a relationship between fitness and discipline. I used to play badminton almost daily for the past four years. It was like a ritual. After dropping the boy in the school bus, I used to rush back to take my kits to the court.

In the Siri fort pay and play scheme, you need to reach early so that you get a court. We have an amazing set of people in our badminton group who take turns for getting the courts booked. Some of us are in the mid-40’s and some of them in mid-30’s.

They always say that they are playing with old men, but during the match we do play with their emotions ( hahaha). Coming back to the issue of discipline, we are all very organized.

All of us keep everyone up atleast one hour prior to the game over phone and we all warm up before the game. We are happy that we all have a good game and the games are always tough and long lasting. Through this process of playing , I found out that there are loads of benefits for the body.

First, the body gets attuned to a rhythm daily and because of this adrenalin rush for about an hour, the mind remains alert and aware during the day. Except for ill health or any personal or domestic responsibility, most of us ( team of 12 people) play very regularly. On weekends, I used to be on baddy dope( literally !!!).

There were instances when I started at 8 am and came back home at 3 pm to feel the heat !!!! But, all for the love of the game. During weekends, the teams are more and familiar faces want to have loads of games. The best part is, I did not have to pay for playing. They just needed me for the game.

Gone were the good ol’days. Stuck between office and home, there is almost nil physical activity. Thanks to my plantar fasciitis issue, I am just walking instead of running. But, I walk regularly. The important part in anyones fitness journey is regularity and persistence.

I want to share an amazing video of Stephen Dunier on how to achieve your goals. It is applicable in most of our areas of life. He talks of small changes in our routines.

Courtesy : Youtube.com

I feel that this man is a maniac in habit formation and execution. He is worth emulating. He outlines, how he has seen habits and persistence change his life.

I am sure that this video would be very helpful for you. I want you to make those small changes in your habits and top it with discipline to realize the true potential of ourselves.

Published by kabilan arasu

I am a career civil servant, presently working with NITI Aayog, Govt of India. Love long distance running, badminton, cricket and yoga. A fitness enthusiast is the right word...Persuading my inner self to stay away from delicacies....

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