Super Dan ..the G.O.A.T in Badminton retires.. An insurmountable loss for his fans….

It has been twenty long years of watching Lin Dan play, and the day has come for him to hang his boots. Honestly I could see his power waning, due to age. But he was still tricky and deceptive which he had made changes from his fast paced attacking game. His rivalry with Malaysian great Lee Chong Wei is legendary and I could watch their matches hours together.

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What makes Super Dan special is his never give up attitude and fighting even at match points and saving the match and winning it subsequently. I remember his Olympic golds at 2008 and 2012 and all his win against Chen Long in the Singapore Open in 2019. Though Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia troubled him during his early part of his career. Lin Dan has single handedly placed himself as the Don Bradman of Badminton. He is one of the reasons for my shift from cricket to badminton and have fallen in love ever since with the game.

For me its an end of an era. Sports take a toll on the body, and competitive sport at the international level where you have the entire nations hopes pinned on your shoulders is an enormous burden to carry. He not only carried this burden gracefully but gave back to the people a reason to celebrate. He is truly one of greatest sporting heroes.

I shall surely miss you and your relentless spirit on the court. You are in the hearts of all the badminton fanatics of the world. The way you have approached the game and the sacrifices of staying away from your family right from a small boy till entering the national team are truly an inspiration for everyone.I wish Lin Dan and his family a wonderful second innings !!!

Adios !!!! the Greatest of All Time….

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