My 5kg weight loss calculation spanning next 6 months

Hi friends, I hope that all of you are safe and sound wherever you are. I would like to share a small insight with you on my projected weight loss for the next six months based on my present activity.

I am sure that most of you would be having some sort of fitness tracker or band paired with your phone which shows your daily calorie 🔥and fat 🔥.

This is my snapshot for my today’s run.

So, going by the above info. If I want to burn 5 kg of fat. It’s 5000 grams/55 grams = 90. So, it would take 90 days to burn my fat with my current activity. Further, I do not see myself running 90 days at a stretch due to possibility of injury and other commitments which might come on the way.

I run alternate days with decent regularity. So, assuming 90 x 2 = 180 days , at the rate of 8 km and 55 grams of fat, I might lose around 5 kg of body fat. Even, if I miserable fail with the alternate day thing, I see myself 3 kg lesser and lighter. I am 5ft 7 inches. I presently weigh 72 kgs. This is my calculation based on my present regime. I suggest you to make one which is comfortable to you. Your body and my body are physiologically different. So, feel free to make necessary adjustment and do it at your own pace. Regularity is the key.

Initially, I thought that I would lose weight in a jiffy. But when I found that it’s a long journey. I decided to take the long haul route and focus on the process. Most of us want instant result, thanks to our mobiles and apps. But our body doesn’t work that way. It’s a gradual process, and we need to have that mental make up to undertake this physical process. Once we make this clear in our mind, then it becomes autotelic. Most of the time, we do not go to this process mode and think of instant results. The fastest way of weight loss is plastic surgery/liposuction which I desist and would strongly advice against. Never look for medical short cuts until and unless prescribed by a qualified physician and is a matter of life and death. Everything else can go gradually and smoothly.

Patience and consistency are the two most important things in fat loss/fitness journey. My pre run drink is iskiate and my post workout drink is plain old chocolate horlicks with warm milk. We need to listen to our bodies during the course of this journey, it gives us indications and symptoms of where the body needs attention. Most of the time, we take those signs for granted and in turn the body takes you for granted. The body says to you always, “Give respect and take respect”. If you abide by this line of thought, it’s always a win/win situation.

Always remember, eat right and burn right. Do post your comments in the comments section and subscribe by email for updates on fat loss, fitness and nutrition.

Published by kabilan arasu

I am a career civil servant, presently working with NITI Aayog, Govt of India. Love long distance running, badminton, cricket and yoga. A fitness enthusiast is the right word...Persuading my inner self to stay away from delicacies....

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