Proof of Life Concept.. Before and After Picture…

I had deliberately not kept any picture of mine as I thought it was too early to post any picture, pre and post running. But, there were quite a lot of requests from friends to share the same so that actually I had actually lost body fat. Proof that this way/method works.

pre- running pic- I call Golu.
This is after I started running.. and Work in Progress..

I call my fat self ” Golu” because its cute, instead of “mota” which sounds quite derogatory to me and would hurt my exercising self. Every time I see a person who has excess fat, the first sign is chubby cheeks and fat in the abdomen. This is basically extra food pumped inside the body, and not burnt due to less or no exercise.

One of the basic tenets of slow running as well as long distance running is that, the body first burns all the carbohydrates during the initial part of the run, then switches to fat to burn towards the energy needs. Imagine your body as a Delhi-taxi, it starts with petrol and switches to CNG for the rest of the day. So, I make fun of my near and dear ones that you are like a camel, who has stored excess fuel the way they have stored in the humps, and can run for quite long distances.

Except for those who are having some medical issues, most of us, are simply lazy and are taken back with the thought of running out in the open or on a treadmill. I am a huge south indian food lover, paratha lover, and could gulp lassis and gorge on parathas incessantly. I want to share a small incident of my super power to gain weight super fast.

This was somewhere in 2014, I went for an official training to ISB, Mohali. The campus and the course was great. What gave me the high was the food. The food was mouth watering and there was so much variety. I went on beast mode and ended gaining 4 inches of waist line in a weeks time. When I came back after the course, I had to purchase fresh set of trousers due to the “delicious bulge”. I had gone to the tailor to loosen the waistline of my trousers, then he literally body shamed be my asking, “Sirji, are you left with any pants at home?”. Family and friends, took a jab at me, as to I went there to eat and do nothing else.

This happened even after daily runs in ISB,Mohali inside the campus for a good 40 minutes. It has dawned to me very late that I was hogging more than I could burn. This ” mid- life awakeing/gyan” came to me very recently. I had made some changes to my diet regime. For breakfast, I have muesli, lunch consists of an apple,few dates and couple of bananas, evening I have few parathas, subzi and fruits. As far as my assessment, my evening meal is slightly heavier as I run early morning. I feel lighter with this food, along with my exercise regime. Yes, there are instances where I go overboard onto pakodas,jalebis and all the tasty and junk food !! But I have reduced these sinister habits to a bare minimum.

Another query which was asked by friends was why I started running. It happened due to a loss in badminton match at IIM,Bangalore in 2017. I had been on a course there, and I always carry my racquet whenever I go out, so that I find a place to play in the evening to play baddy. Lucky for me, IIM-B has an amazing facility, so we used to rush to the courts after our classes get over. There was one guy there, who used to be very good. My friends told me that if you can win against him, we shall have a treat. The match was a protracted battle for over 50 minutes. He was 9 years younger than me,but was very light. I was the “golu baddy player” who was trying my best.

Eventually, he got the best of me. I was drained out, but decided that I need to shed extra flab. I started seriously pouring over youtube videos of Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia and Lin Dan ( my idol) from China. After looking at their matches for hours together, I found that apart from the skill sets they have, I found that they are extremely fit athletes and they have a amazing endurance and stamina.

That was the zen moment !!!! From that time on, I started cross training which included running, yoga and badminton. I did see results after two months, when I hit 67 kg from 75 kg. I was able to cover the court better in singles game and finding the doubles game less energy sapping.

This turned out to be a long post. Comments by readers are the lifeline of a blog and make it very interesting and interactive..I would be glad to respond to all your comments and queries in the comments section.Do click the follow button in the bottom of the page for updates sent directly to your inbox for more tit bits of info on fitness,diet and running.

Published by kabilan arasu

I am a career civil servant, presently working with NITI Aayog, Govt of India. Love long distance running, badminton, cricket and yoga. A fitness enthusiast is the right word...Persuading my inner self to stay away from delicacies....

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  1. Sir, it’s very kind of you for sparing your precious time on preparing an article in fitness and health specially on reduction of excess body fat. Sharing this information will be immensely helpful for our health.

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