About me..

Hi my name is Kabilan. I am from Chennai. I belong to the Indian Defence Accounts Service. In my present assignment, I work for the NITI Aayog. A public policy think tank of Government of India.

In this personal blog, I would posting about my journey about both fat loss and fat gain over time and places of work. My good and bad eating and work out habits, so that anyone who is going through similar problems can find solace and work through with me in reducing excess body fat to remain fit and fab in times to come.

I strongly believe in the adage, ” Health is wealth” and I would be sharing my experiences on my fitness goals, past,present and future which I feel is exorbitant on certain aspects, but still these are still aspirations and work in progress like running a full marathon ( 42 kms…phew !!!) amidst other pressing responsibilities !!!

I am a non – smoker, non drinker and vegetarian, so results might vary as far fat loss is concerned. Persons with existing cardio- vascular issues and other medical conditions should consult their doctors before trying any of the subscriptions in this blog.

I would like to join hands with you in this journey of self discovery and you are free to post your comments on this blog. I believe that as responsive individuals we need to share our learnings in which ever area of life which would benefit one and all.

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I am a career civil servant, presently working with NITI Aayog, Govt of India. Love long distance running, badminton, cricket and yoga. A fitness enthusiast is the right word...Persuading my inner self to stay away from delicacies....

23 thoughts on “About me..

  1. It gives me energetic thought to change my lifestyle. Young indian will follow you . You are role model our batchmates. Your positive attitude towards fitness and healthy life will enhance to transform society.


  2. Hi Kabi,. Great detailing…I used to be fitness freak…doing jog, brisk walk, treadmill….participated in few fun marathans too..then…lower back caved in….now for couple of years…going slow…any guidance on how to strengthen lower back and come to routine…. Cheers


    1. Arunji, there are simple back strengthening exercises, yoga poses to be precise. This is the supine module from IIM B, where i learnt yoga and hes the guru. You see the video in slow motion and practice on an empty stomach in the morning. I am sure that ur back wd be better. I had a bad accident 10 years back, I got my back restored through Yoga.


  3. Nice to know Kabilanji, keep moving , totally agree that Health is Wealth. Will travel together.Best wishes for your fitness goals.


  4. Good morning Sir. Article on weight loss and fitness is very good. How are you and your family. Where are you. Keep in touch. Thank you.

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  5. Good morning sir.I went through all the articles of the blog yesterday night.Definitely sir, Health is wealth and we are feeling this at present time.A step by step guide for gradual weight loss is the very important topic or we can say a burning issue for the present crisis time. Sir, I have worked with you in PCDA BR and very excited to go through all your articles which describes your journey of self discovery.Actually, if a human being discovers some thing about himself through the experiences, he can contribute a new idea for the betterment of society. All the best sir.

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  6. Very nicely written and informative particularly for the younger generation who are at complete odds with their bodies.

    I would certainly recommend this to the beginners and novice runner.

    You have been very kind to share your experience in great detail and for benefit of all…

    And lastly I would just repeat the old adage… HEALTH IS THE ULTIMATE WEALTH.

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  7. I am 65. If a moderately over-weight person follows your routine, weight reduction will be substantial in the initial period.

    You have hardly any flab. However, the simple narration has ignited me also to do something.

    In Covid times, I propose to buy a tread mill, so as to start as a beginner . I am 165 cm and weighing 73.5 kg.

    Selvaraj, Mumbai


    1. Sir. I would suggest to start with a treadmill, especially if the covid cases are more in your vicinity. Take rest alternate days. Do simple stretching,pre and post run, I’ll post the YouTube link.

      Do hydrate yourself before and after run. Have fruit lunch daily. Reduce intake of refined sugar. Keep track of weight every fifteen days. I’m sure, there would be gradual loss of excess flab. The key is moving the legs to burn extra fat.


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